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Five Prime Advisors


Who we are

Five Prime Advisors is an independent price verification and strategic consultancy. Focusing on the valuation and monetization of intellectual property in the life sciences and medical technology industries, we also provide expert analysis and testimony for a variety of transactional, regulatory, tax, accounting, and fiduciary purposes.


With undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology and economics, Rob King began his investment banking career on deal teams, helping analyze the science behind companies raising capital or seeking a combination or partnership. Working as a young associate for some of the great West Coast investment bankers and venture capitalists of the 1980s and 1990s, he built a career that was both analytically and transactionally focused. After moving to New York in the late 1990s and following a two-year hiatus working as an M&A generalist with clients in Europe and Asia, he returned to health care and technology banking where he focused on fairness opinion and valuation work. Prior to founding Five Prime Advisors, Rob was Managing Director, Head of Healthcare Banking, and a partner at Maxim Group, LLC, a mid-sized, full-service investment bank based in New York City.

Five Prime Advisors opened its doors in December 2006.  Since then, a core group of biologists, bankers, financial engineers, and economists have undertaken over two hundred asset pricing, valuation, and strategy consulting assignments on behalf of firms ranging in size from the discovery stage startup to the largest medical technology original equipment manufacturer.  Clients include Celestica, Protein Sciences Sanofi, BioView, Cytyc, Millennium Pharmaceutical, Dendreon, Carl Zeiss Meditec, and GE Capital.  As a result of our focus on the valuation of intellectual property, we are engaged by many of the largest intellectual property law firms and their clients who have a regulatory or probative need for robust, defensible, and affordable valuation and pricing support.


Value is relativistic.  It is meaningful only to the extent that it captures the economics and uncertainty of an asset’s expected use by its intended owner.

It is with this philosophy that we approach a client assignment, guided by four core, focused principles:

  1. Be clear as to the purpose of the valuation
  2. Understand the intended use of the asset
  3. Identify potential pathways and associated constraints
  4. Parameterize appropriate volatility and risk adjustment inputs

This approach enables us to meaningfully model asset value, price its derivatives, and provide a consulting deliverable that results in an outcome that our clients seek. While highly analytical, it is a dialectical and engaged process between us and the client.